As a card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild, I was one of 16 who landed a coveted spot in a pilot program for entertainers who long to be entrepreneurs. I was developing The Modernager blog. All of a sudden a twenty something gob smacked me as she stood up and said she didn’t think my project would work because women over 50 don’t use the Internet.

That is why I have created The Modernager Blog.

I became a commercial print model at age 60 when acting work dried up. I quickly discovered the only auditions I was getting was for pharmaceutical work. The pharmaceutical industry for the most part has reduced us to a stereotype.

This is not who we are.

More and more women 50 plus are taking control of their own destiny while strutting their sartorial stuff and posting their images on social media. They are creating blogs, websites and Instagram accounts. They are Modernagers. We need more. The invisibility of women over 50 is real. It’s hard to be seen. You can’t be it until you see it. A Modernager is a woman who is not afraid to be seen. A woman who never stops learning and believes it’s never too late.


Robin Bobbé started her career as a stylist for a catalogue house in New York City in the early 1970’s. She almost lost her job when she played hooky the same day Bill Cunningham shot her on the street for the cover of Women’s Wear Daily. She’s never missed a day of work since.

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