Thrift Shop Stories

Growing up on Long Island in the 1950’s and 60’s I was as shy as Laura in the Glass Menagerie, my two best friends, depression and anxiety turned me into a social misfit. What I had was a failure to communicate. Clothes became my voice when I had none. 

I hunted the flea markets of Paris and New York. I uncovered Pucci’s and Guccis for 5 bucks. They were my paint brush and my body was my canvas. It was magic and transformative. When my West 4th Street apartment became one big closet, I had no choice but to open a Vintage Store.

Last year I combed New York City’s thrift shops, Upstate New York’s flea markets sprinkled in a few online second hand venues to create, Thrift Shop Stories. Each item with a price tag from 50 cents to $25. Armed with an iPhone 6, New York City and upstate New York as my backdrops, these are my Thrift Shop Stories.