Thrift Shop Stories

I still remember my father as he descended the Long Island Railroad stairs in a sea of men interspersed with random sprinkles of women, as they returned to their suburban homes worlds apart from their New York City lives. Spotting my father, looking dapper in his suit, topcoat and hat I noticed a simple brown paper parcel tucked under one arm as he strolled his way to our 1962 Dodge Dart Station Wagon. My mother slid over to relinquish the driver’s seat to the head of the household. As my father got into the car, he lit a cigarette then threw the sack in the backseat. Here ya go kiddo, he said. Once home, I ran into the house, into my bedroom, ripped the bag open, revealing a treasure trove of fashions finest. When trimmings went out of style so did my father’s business. Fashion was in my blood from an early age. I learned to make do with what we could afford and discovered clothes weren’t about money but about style. I honed my skills with fashion magazines and $5.00 thrift shop bags.

Last year I combed New York City’s thrift shops, Upstate New York’s flea markets and online’s second hand venues to create, Thrift Shop Stories. Limited to $25 per item I wanted to show there is an alternative to the exorbitantly ever rising cost of clothes. Armed with an iPhone 6 I used New York City and upstate New York as my backdrops. I let the clothes speak for themselves. These are my Thrift Shop Stories. What’s your story?